Almost always, tournaments and championships in soccer have a round robin system – when each team plays two matches with opponents, and one of the matches it must play at home, and one away – that is good for betting. There are also some tournaments where the second stage starts after the draw.

Based on the statistics of the matches played, all teams that have already played are divided into two groups, in which they continue to play.

  • Playoff Championship – the best clubs in the championship;
  • The relegation group is the worst crew.
  • In some championships, all points scored in the first stage are retained. In other cases, soccer teams may lose a substantial number of points.

Championships where retention of points exists

In some championships, teams advance to the second stage with their full prep points. In total, as many as 4 full circles are held, as a result of the game of which the winner is selected.
Special group – total less
Usually, the table below the middle line contains crews that cannot boast of the leadership qualities demonstrated during the soccer game. At the relegation stage, the matches are already going on more nervously, since every mistake and puncture can be the last for the team in this tournament. Based on this, a lot of soccer games among the laggards are dry, which is not very interesting for bets.

Tournament playoffs – both to score

At the top of the table are the soccer leaders who use a strong tactical approach to the game. Taking this into account, matches among the leaders in the playoffs look like an exchange of striking tactics, where each crew strives to show that it deserves more.

Championships where points burn out

In such championships, four laps are also held, but after the first two, the points are recalculated. Only those points that the team received in preliminary soccer matches with opponents in their “own” group are taken into account for the crew. It is for this reason that it is much more difficult to fight for victory among the soccer leaders, since the points scored in matches with the lagging ones simply burn out and are not taken into account.

Championship playoff – big total bets

Taking into account the fact of the possible placement of soccer teams in different groups, a situation may arise when the leading teams lose a lot of points due to games with outsiders, and then they will have to start scoring again from scratch. Such matches turn out to be very eventful and very interesting for betting.

It is very profitable to use playoffs in betting

A long time ago, in many soccer tournaments in Europe, a system was introduced when the playoff stage began after the draw. We see no reason to postpone the start of the game betting until later – perhaps your winning bet are already waiting for you.