Such suggestions should be treated more carefully, experienced gamblers noticed that within the framework of saves there are certain tendencies that can be used in soccer bets.

How to bet on saves?

Let’s start with a definition. Saves are the difference between the number of shots on target and goals scored.

What to look for when choosing a bid:

  • The manner and level of play of both soccer opponents: from a tight defense, placing a strong emphasis on attack, the club is in a game crisis, etc.
  • characteristics of the line of attack and line of defense;
  • level of play of soccer goalkeepers;
  • the condition of the most hitting players;
  • the likely nature of the soccer struggle.

If one of the leaders of the soccer championship, who is in good shape with overwhelming motivation at home, accepts one of the outsiders of the soccer championship with an openly weak defense, then it is clearly possible to bet on the negative odds of the outsider. But one catch is to be expected.

The clear favorite is the complete outsider

Many people are of the opinion that when a clear favorite plays with a complete outsider, the leader has more possession of the ball, shoots more on goal, more often hits the target, and if the outsider has a good-level goalkeeper, he will make a large number of saves, conceding a couple of goals and so the most outsider will win the favorite.

Meeting of equal rivals

It is within this category of soccer opponents that experienced bettors often place bets.
There are two important points to highlight here:

  1. meeting of two powerful attacking teams from among the leaders of the championship, tournament
  2. meeting of approximately equal opponents from among outsiders and middle middle peasants.

How do I bet on the outs?

It is much more difficult to play on outs, there is a strong factor of unpredictability. But many gamble according to the popular stereotype – when a clear favorite and a complete outsider meet, the leader’s negative handicap is actively loaded. The logic is as follows: the leader often attacks, more often tries to break through the flanks, the opponent has to stop such passes, knocking the ball out.
When the bookmaker has decided that one team will attack more often, he assumes that this team will give outs significantly more than the opponent. But in this banal guessing game, it is difficult to predict how many outs will be given by each team.
In this situation, it is better to focus on soccer matches where two approximately equal teams meet, where the bookmaker suggested that one club will give significantly more outs. In such a situation, it is worth playing in the opposite direction to the opinion of the analysts of the offices.

Saves and outs are great betting options

You need to base your game on bids on predictable things, where you can make an approximate calculation. In this regard, gambling is the most promising in terms of saves, outs are more difficult to calculate.